Specialist installation service ensures that you receive the best possible signal from the satellite. All work is carried out by an experienced and qualified engineer. The installation process is broken down as follows:

Satellite signal test
To identify the perfect position for the dish we survey the site and a satellite signal test is conducted to verify the satellite position. Both the proposed dish location and cable run are agreed with you.
Satellite dish fitting
The mounting kit and digital satellite dish are fitted to the agreed position plus any additional equipment needed to install the dish is installed. The dish is then aligned to the correct satellite using our signal test equipment. A hole is then drilled to access the interior where the modem is to be located. We then fix the cable (using correct fixings) to the location of the modem.
Finally we’ll connect the satellite antenna to the modem and synchronise the modem with your network to activate. As part of our service we ensure you have a working knowledge of the equipment. Installation for affordable prices for a standard installation with hard wired modem, and WiFI units are available.
If you encounter technical difficulties with your satellite system, we are able to help. Our qualified engineer will come out and inspect your system and make any necessary alterations to get you back up and running in the shortest time possible.