SMS (Subscriber Management System) Application Deploy

At global broadcast Ltd, we deploy CRM software applications tailored to suite your organization needs. For normal operations, it is important for growing organizations to device a better way of managing their clients and business transactions. Be it supply chain production that requires stock management and goods tracking (otherwise known as utility management) or Telecommunication and Pay TV that requires subscriptions and billing system, our expertise are limitless in this area.

We support payment gateways giving flexibility and ease of service subscription. With us, your customers are sorted and given automated support on your product offerings.
Our subscriber management and billing system also features automated-Renewal, rest service, rewards, wallet top-up, ownership transfer and many more in the customer journey.
Our CRM tool has the capacity to handle;
Data management such as contact information, communications, service requests, notifications and more.
Billing System such as Prepaid Billing, Subscriptions, Price Plan and Provisioning.
Finance such as Accounts Receivable, Financial Transactions, Vouchers, Wallets, Payment Gateway.
Rewards such as Rewards plans, Rewards scheme and Rewards management.
Foundation includingProducts offers, Analytics, Utilities, Inventory Management, Network Management, Security Management, Users Management, Platform, Segmentation. Resource Scheduling, Workflows, Warranties

Depending on the company needs, we provide a workable CRM application that suites the operational flow. We make the application a unified tool in which all units and departments reports to each other real time making individual jobs easy.Our application makes it easy for users to work both independently without liability and collectively to achieve same objective.

Some of the advantages of deploying the CRM application are;

  • It helps to forecast and report
  • Integrated information (all customer and financial data housed in one location)
  • Streamline processes and efficiency (Automate all business operations cross-departmentally)
  • Productivity
  • Security and regulatory compliance (Keep data safe and regulated with built-in protections).
  • Customer service (Faster and more accurate access to customers information and history)
  • Saves money.
  • Competition (Makes you stay on top of technology solutions ahead of your competition.
  • Collaboration (Centralized data which helps interdepartmental collaborations.

Our clients and partners are in different parts of the world but within our reach. We have clients in the Pay TV and Telecommunications industry as well as in the supply chain and logistics business as well

 SMS(CRM) tool training and soft skill deploy

We are experienced in training your staff on the use of the CRM tool. We also up-skill your staff to have the knowledge of customer service management which is very important in operations to complement the CRM application.

Our training links the CRM application tool to practical operations. The knowledge of which brings about better business management which is the essence of deploying both the application and the training. We give constant support to our clients with relevant operational trainings over the years.